Poetry and Creative Writing

Go Where You Grow: The Wishing Fruit

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash It had taken nearly two years to prepare the vessel properly.  Each day, I tended to the monstrous orange blossom, that now stood to nearly the height of a two-story house.  I lugged water pitcher after water pitcher to its thorny, green trunk, and lovingly applied fertilizer to the soil that surrounded… Continue reading Go Where You Grow: The Wishing Fruit

Poetry and Creative Writing

The Arctic Front

Photo by adrian on Unsplash My class would end in less than twenty minutes, but I was still restless; my craving for lemonade making me bite my lip.  Oh, I thought, you sweet and tasty beverage.  What I wouldn't do to get some of you.  When my professor wasn't looking I would let my head lull against my fist… Continue reading The Arctic Front

Policy Research

Musing on Restrictive Practices in Mental Institutions

Photo by Andrei Lazarev on Unsplash ♦ Today I had the immense pleasure of listening to Professor John Baker speak on the worldwide movement to reduce restrictive practices with the National Elf Service podcast. The amount of presented occasions in which restrictive measures are warranted are actually few and far in between. In this ten minute segment, they… Continue reading Musing on Restrictive Practices in Mental Institutions

The Black Gaze(tte)

‘Eve’s Garden’ Is Now Available!

I am excited to announce that my third poetry book, Eve's Garden, is now available for purchase! Head over to my Publications page, or straight to Amazon, for more information or to purchase! If you like what you're reading (or if you don't) be sure to leave a review , and take a look at… Continue reading ‘Eve’s Garden’ Is Now Available!


Weathering Writer’s Block and the Weather

I'm in a spot of trouble at the moment. You see, I am almost entirely certain that my ability to write creatively, and to write well, derives its power from the inverse of the amount of sunlight I am receiving.  That is, the less summer sun and summer heat the better.  Aware that I haven't… Continue reading Weathering Writer’s Block and the Weather

Book Reviews

Book Review: “Sight and Sensibility”

A few posts back I told you guys about my experiment to fix my physical vision through a combination of meditation and study of the anatomy of the eye.  This little experiment of mine started well before I picked up the book Sight and Sensibility: the ecopsychology of perception, but once I did, the validation I… Continue reading Book Review: “Sight and Sensibility”

What's Goin On?

De-Escalating an Early Morning Fight

Yesterday morning I was awakened by yelling and brazen threats coming from the mouth of my elderly neighbor.  We'll call him George.  George has a habit of picking fights with homeless men and women who - every so often - will come around to sift through the dumpsters for cans and food. Now before we… Continue reading De-Escalating an Early Morning Fight

What's Goin On?

Social Isolation and the Mystery of Daily Programming

I'll admit it.  I woke up this morning and when I sat down to write a post for AKA.CLouise,  I had nothing.  In fact, less than no idea on what to write, I just didn't want to write.  I felt empty somehow, like I was missing something, and like I was meant to be somewhere… Continue reading Social Isolation and the Mystery of Daily Programming