Self-Reflection: A Restful Meditation

There must be something about the Sundays of early winter in California that have led to such calming poems as the ones I have written on Sunday these last few weeks. Today's poem "A Restful Meditation" remarks upon a phenomenon I attribute partially to the new medication I am adjusting to for my mental illness, … Continue reading Self-Reflection: A Restful Meditation

Weathering Writer’s Block and the Weather

I'm in a spot of trouble at the moment. You see, I am almost entirely certain that my ability to write creatively, and to write well, derives its power from the inverse of the amount of sunlight I am receiving.  That is, the less summer sun and summer heat the better.  Aware that I haven't … Continue reading Weathering Writer’s Block and the Weather

Prayer, Pathways and Second Chances

There once was a time where I knew where I was going in my life, of that I am sure. From those recently past days, I have notes and drawings and piles of self-wrought scripture, to follow without doubt as to the destination or the nature of the path I took.  Everything was crystal clear, … Continue reading Prayer, Pathways and Second Chances

Mental Illness and Insanity are not Mutually Inclusive

I chose a panic so deep it gained its own sentience and humbled me, personally, over the pain - imagined or real - of another. I am beginning to understand something about the mind.  It is like a genie trapped in a bottle, a captive audience, Narcissus locked in the echo chamber: the mind is … Continue reading Mental Illness and Insanity are not Mutually Inclusive

Liberation is… A Trip to the Library

Today I walked around the city of Santa Monica and relished the feeling of being up and out of bed before 1 P.M. for the first time in a couple weeks.  The official reason was to do that money-juggling aerobics thing that one does when there is just barely enough money to pay rent, but … Continue reading Liberation is… A Trip to the Library