Loveless, A Poem

Sorrow be the name of my spirit. It is two-fold and bears your face a reminder always of what I have lost. Will you haunt me always? Will the memory of your kiss continue to pluck me from sleep? I have tried to forget your touch but my own will wasn't enough. My love, my… Continue reading Loveless, A Poem

Poetry and Creative Writing

Recycled Waste

The grease thickened cooling even as it found purchase between myself and my heated gaze. My reflection seemed as angry as I, but at what, she could not say. My scalp is pouring into the sweet decay of early morning. "Stay," it gurgles, and my thighs stick together to prevent me from leaving I can… Continue reading Recycled Waste

Poetry and Creative Writing

Fishing for Nothing in Particular

The moon pulls me into a watery swell dipping her pointed crescent and twisting it for good measure. Where there once was question and answer, good and evil, now rests the weight of my heart. Ma'at holds Her scales steady as she dredges out the truth, unbothered neither by the endless flow of salt water… Continue reading Fishing for Nothing in Particular