“A.K.A. CLouise” – A New Name

You are probably wondering what the new website's look is all about.  Most of the pages have changed, the layout and color scheme is different, and perhaps it even smells a bit fresh, like rosemary and mint on a summer's day? I have been doing some soul-searching with how I wanted to progress in this… Continue reading “A.K.A. CLouise” – A New Name


The Skeleton Key is in the Syllabus

So here's the deal. When I made the decision to leave my doctoral program, that did not mean I was going to cease doing intellectual work.  What it meant was, having realized that the academy was in no way the place that I wanted to do my research and intellectual work, that I needed to… Continue reading The Skeleton Key is in the Syllabus

Painting Prints Coming Soon!

Many have been asking whether I would consider selling my artwork and I have finally decided that the answer is a resounding YES! They aren't yet available, but I am currently in the process of setting up my Etsy store "BlackDiamondExpress".  Here are a few of the print options that will be available for purchase!… Continue reading Painting Prints Coming Soon!