51lzmp01+kL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_PROPHECIES: poems on love and transcendence

What is one to do with a lifetime of stress? What, with an eternity? In this short collection of poetry, C. Louise brings together the divine and the mortal, the dream and the dreamer, the laborer and the masterpiece, to discuss what ever one might do with a broken heart…

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Empire_Cover_for_KindleEMPIRE: the land beneath our feet

Coyotes and wildfires, mountain streams and smog, and rows of brand new track houses along the edges of sun-baked foothills. This is the backdrop of C. Louise Williams’ chapbook “EMPIRE: the land beneath our feet”, a strange, picturesque mixing of suburban California life and natural, unromantic splendor…

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