Self-Reflection: A Restful Meditation

There must be something about the Sundays of early winter in California that have led to such calming poems as the ones I have written on Sunday these last few weeks. Today's poem "A Restful Meditation" remarks upon a phenomenon I attribute partially to the new medication I am adjusting to for my mental illness, … Continue reading Self-Reflection: A Restful Meditation

The RISE from Trauma Act | Policy Memo

INTRODUCTION Mental Health Care has always been a contentious and urgent subject in public policy; contentious because of the numerous, divergent solutions that have arisen in order to deal with the social issue, and urgent because of the sheer scope of the population affected by mental illness. In this instance, I speak of those already … Continue reading The RISE from Trauma Act | Policy Memo

Self-Reflection: Upon “A Rested Mind”.

Today's free write poem is entitled "Jan. 10th | A Rested Mind", and I wrote it precisely because I am beginning to understand my self-worth and the commensurate value of allowing myself to rest when and how I need to rest. I experienced extreme burnout a few years back, and this - combined with my … Continue reading Self-Reflection: Upon “A Rested Mind”.

Onward and Upward! | A toast to the new year.

I'll be brief, since I'm sure countless others have already gone over how tumultuous and trying a year 2020 A.D. has been. Imagine living through a global pandemic, one of the most worrisome presidential elections that many have ever seen - young and old - and, for me, learning the hard way how difficult it … Continue reading Onward and Upward! | A toast to the new year.

Go Where You Grow: The Wishing Fruit

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash It had taken nearly two years to prepare the vessel properly.  Each day, I tended to the monstrous orange blossom, that now stood to nearly the height of a two-story house.  I lugged water pitcher after water pitcher to its thorny, green trunk, and lovingly applied fertilizer to the soil that surrounded … Continue reading Go Where You Grow: The Wishing Fruit