Homeland Security Secretary Defends Inhumane Treatment of Undocumented Families

Photo credit: Jeremy Ravinsky
Kirstjen Nielsen, the current Homeland Security Secretary, has recently come out in defense of a policy separating undocumented parents from their children.  A move that certainly won’t age well in the eyes of history.
This policy is eerily reminiscent of the days when white supremacist institutions advocated taking (A/N: kidnapping) indigenous children from their homes and “re-educating” them in blatantly abusive schools.  It is also eerily reminiscent of the policy of separating black families during slavery, the consequences of which we are still heavily impacted by today.
Given what we already know of the appalling conditions in current detention centers, this policy is egregious and reeks of myopia and cruelty.  The treatment of the many individuals and families who come here either in search of a better life, or in search of sanctuary from the life they left behind, has always been an issue in the United States.
But I’m not here to belabor that point or give you a history lesson.  I’m here to tell you that we are repeating history right now.
The law is not always correct.  The law is not always just.  Just because a law was written, or a policy was implemented, does not make it ethical.
Laws should be based upon what is right, rather than used as a convenient tool to pervert what we know to be just.
That is why we have judges and lawmakers who are in theory meant to steer us clear of the willful misuse of legal authority, as we are seeing now.
This is a direct imposition of the ills of mass incarceration onto undocumented peoples. Seeing this is exactly why not only the prison system, but the fear-based ideology that it stems from need to be discarded and at relegated to the realms of obsoletion (I don’t know if this is a word, but it could be).
Laws should be based upon what is right, rather than used as a convenient tool to pervert what we know to be just.
This is not okay, and we should be – at the very least – uneasy about the immediate consequences our current political climate is having. On my spirit and my education in politics, there is a wall that we’re about to hit and it’s got Trump’s (and his gaggle of cartoon villains’) name written all over it.
Also, happy birthday Secretary Nielsen!  I hope that on your special day you receive greater wisdom on why your policy defense is a betrayal of the values of the people you serve, and that you are inspired to act according to that wisdom. ♦

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