Me to Myself #1: Rest Is For the Weary

Look at how far you’ve come.

Look at the nature of the detours and choices you have already made.

In all cases, you chose to fight for what was right, chose to sacrifice your time, your money, your safety, and finally the status and career you worked so hard to be worthy of, for what is right.

Your flaw, dear, is not your willingness to fight this war.  Rather, it is your inability to know when it is time to rest.  How to rest.  All wars must end in time after all, else, how will we know peace?

It is not a question of picking one’s battles now.  No, now it is time to calm the fighting instinct, as a warrior should do when the opportunity presents itself.

You are always ready for a fight.  It is second nature at this point.

Now, let yourself be ready for a life of peace, entrepreneurship, and happiness too. ♦



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